Payoff Debt Calculator: Discover How Long Until Your Debts Are Paid Off

So How Much Can You Save?

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Making the decision to pay down what you owe is the first step in the right direction, but any good plan needs information, and in this case you need to know how long it will take to pay down and how difficult a financial task you have set before yourself.

Enter the simple payment calculator to help you set a budget for paying off what you owe.

Enter the details of what you owe into the calculator above including the interest rate, the total amount outstanding and your desired payoff period and the calculator will display the payment size you will need to make in order to meet your payoff goal on schedule.


Calculating Interest Costs

One of the most useful pieces of financial information our payoff debt calculator will provide you is the amount of money you will be paying towards interest over the life of your debt loan. Credit card debts can be one of the greatest offenders, with industry standard high interest rates, but even car loans and mortgages often have high loan costs that are often overlooked.

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Use the debt tool to calculate how much money you will be paying towards interest, and be outraged! I'm serious. Sear into your memory the high cost of long term debt borrowing and determine to never let it happen again, save on your own terms.

Calculate the total costs involved in borrowing the money and literally imagine all of life's pleasures that could have been purchased if the money had not been paid to interest instead. Use the payoff calculator to calculate the emotional cost of borrowing that is often lost when paying bills from month to month.

Use The Results To Calculate a Budget

The loan payoff calculator is going to give you a direct estimate on the length of time required to pay down your debts, with an ultimate goal of eliminating them altogether. My recommendation is to use the calculations to help construct a reasonable and actionable budget. Figure out your commitment to paying off your debt and choose a monthly payment schedule that will still leave you some semblance of balance in your life.

budget calculator

Statistics show that a commitment to progressively paying your debts rather than an extreme attempt at taking on too much of what you owe each month, leaving no room for life's emergencies and the costs of smaller pleasures is not successful. It backfires on you if you feel you are depriving yourself too much in your budget calculations. The debt payoff calculator is just a projection tool to help you determine what is reasonable, and what is possible with what you owe.

Sure a payoff debt plan includes some sacrafices, but in the end, it is just money, and the food on your family table is more important than saving an additional month of interest payments over the course of your loan.


How To Use The Debt Calculator
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Lastly, when using the debt payment calculator and creating a budget to deal with your debts, we recommend tackling a single debt at a time. Pick your highest interest rate debt, regardless of the balance and focus all your payoff energies on that loan. The loan payoff calculator will help you predict how fast you will be able to payoff this account. Then move on to the next highest interest rate loan.

To create a long term budget to tackle a number of out of control debts use the payoff tool on each of the balances you owe, marking down the individual payments you choose and the length of time that will be required and then string the plan into a debt payoff timeline.

Stick to the budget you decide upon. Tackle your debts with a commitment and dedication the financial health of your family deserves and watch as month to month you payoff your debt as you calculated with the payoff debt calculator provided above.


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"Imagine your life completely free of all your debts, then move mountains to make it happen..."
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Personal finance calculators are a powerful resource to help reveal opportunities and pitfalls with your money. The best of calculators, though, are powerless unless you take powerful action on the opportunities revealed.

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